Ravi Kiran

Ravi Kiran is someone who you would like to have conversation with. Patience is the first thing you will notice in his behavior. He likes to talk to new people, share knowledge and the care to address their emotions is what he expertises in. On a regular day he is just another person who is easy to relate who would almost resembles like your known friend. He's funny and when it comes to entertainment, with a unique sense of humour, one can always count on him to make people laugh. He has had his share of experiencing new places, financial unstability and social isolation. Feel free to talk to him and engage in your issues.

  • Master at failing to do a wheelie 
  • Laughs and talks when speaking to someone 
  • Loves to play loud music at midnight
  • Hates pizzas after working at Dominoes
  • Loves pizzas cuz duhh its pizza
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