Dana Wilson


Dana is a dedicated mental health advocate, adviser, mentor and friend who is highly motivated in taking positive action towards helping others reach their full potential and live healthy, successful lives. As a neurodiverse person with personal lived experience of mental health challenges, mangement and recovery, as well as extensive knowledge and understanding within the psychological field, Dana has a passion for supporting and guiding individuals through their mental health journey. She strives to get to the heart of every issue and to create solutions that change people's lives for the better. Highly intuitive, compassionate, altruistic and empathetic, Dana believes that if you treat people as if they were what they ought to be then you can help them to become what they are capable of being.

  • Super intuitive 'spidey senses'
  • Chronic toe wiggler
  • Cross-dominance (mixed handedness)
  • Fast walker
  • Can't swim
  • Doggy mom of the cutest fur-baby, Percy
  • Loves art, hiking and gardening
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