• Uday Sharma

What's in a name?

Act 1:

Shakespeare said - “What’s in a name!”

I recently realised – A lot!

Just like any good story, this also starts as:

Once upon a time, I was brainstorming with “Garry”, consultant with a SEO/ business development company in India. Chatting generally, I shared my lived experience around a medical situation and said “I wish I had someone with me, other than my young son.” The talks led to the business idea of providing a concierge service in India. Garry said “Great, let me search for a name on GoDaddy”. I was very happy and hopeful that I am going to give a different type of meaningful service to the society (Uptil then, I had been a researcher and educator).

By the evening, he called saying that Healtab had been registered. I asked about the price and other nitty gritty. But he diverted the topic and basically asked me to rejoice. I was very excited and started learning the trade hungrily and diligently. My 2 months stay in India turned out to be a 2-month MBA degree course. I would often call him to show my gratitude for taking me in his fold.

Before leaving India, he gave me an invoice for the domain name, website construction, Marketing, Graphic designing and SEO efforts. I did not understand why were we marketing at such an early stage, as we had not done any vision, mission, business plan, business structure, and finance plan discussion etc. but he said that I do not understand these things as product-hype has to be created much before and we can continue doing all these simultaneously. But, we were beginning to get uncomfortable.

Act 2:

After coming back to Australia and continuing our research minus his continuous control, we realised that we are not taking the right steps needed for any startup. That was the time, I realized that he had bought the domain name of Healtab.com in his name, not mine. We tried to do a small re-brand and adopted the healtab.com.au domain.

But, with us gaining traction by being involved in startup programs like NEIS, YGAP, FYA, and the StartUp Victoria pitch night. We were on the slippery slope of losing site traction. This woke us up to the dire need of changing our name.

Hence, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our new website. www.qonfr.com

We are still the same individuals behind the brand you got to know and love @healtab. Our vision, mission and drive to bring a socially positive influence to the society is resolute.

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Written by - Anamika Sharma

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