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Our Social Impact: A company's responsibility

Updated: Apr 6

Social isolation is the biggest public health threat of our time. In this age of technological advancements and virtual communities, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to make strong human connections. We as society members, also often underestimate the positive impact of connecting with others for both our own and others' well-being.

Research has consistently shown that lower levels of social integration, engagement, and support are significantly associated with poorer physical and mental health. Meanwhile, having higher levels of social engagement, strong social support and positive relationships with others can significantly enhance a person’s well-being and quality of life.

Combating social isolation one connection at a time.

Individual well-being and quality of life is often measured using the Psychological Six-factor Model of Psychological Well-being, developed by prominent psychologist, Carol Ryff. Based on the principles of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, which stipulates that, “... the goal of life isn't feeling good, but is instead about living virtuously”, this scale is heavily influenced by a person’s ability to create and maintain positive relationships with others.

The entire existence of human beings has consistently relied upon its positive social connections; whether it be for reproduction, finding and accessing food, protection, care, or general happiness and wellbeing. Although times have changed, our ability to create and maintain positive relationships with others remains to be a critical human necessity. OUR IMPACT

At Qonfr, our social impact work is focused on combating social isolation and loneliness, particularly for individuals tackling mental health challenges, by increasing opportunities for people to engage in positive social interactions and to make strong purposeful relationships with others. Clinical psychologist Linda Blair suggests that the foundations for creating a high-quality relationship is shared experience. Having a shared experience promotes higher levels of understanding, validation, empathy, belonging, and trust in a relationship.

We provide a community platform and service whereupon people can connect with others who have similar lived experiences, in order to increase social interaction and engagement, to enhance confidence and self-esteem, and to promote feelings of understanding, belonging, and continued quality of life.

We measure our social impact based on the number of connections we make and the number of people who have joined our community, as well as using a scale derived from the Psychological Six-factor Model of Psychological Well-being that focuses on factors of social engagement and positive relations with others. In good conscience, we recognise that an individual’s well-being is a holistic measure and we cannot impact that as a whole. However, we can work very hard to make better and more purposeful relationships and connections. An example of the types of questions used in our scale can be found below.

1. I have experienced a warm and trusting relationship with my companion.

2. I feel I have made a positive social connection with another person.

Join our community and contribute towards this important social impact.

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