• Dana Wilson

From Questions to Connections

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection...”

- Brene Brown

We are all looking for that meaningful connection. However, most of us are not ready to be at our most vulnerable with someone we have just met.

To build strong relationships, research tells us that we need meaningful connection, authentic generosity and emotional support. The building blocks that are necessary for forming a meaningful connection include familiarity, self-disclosure, reciprocity, and acceptance (see key below for further explanations) that all depend on intimacy and trust.

When you connect with someone through Qonfr, the first layer of these building blocks have already been laid down for you. Once you’re on the call, the next step is to open up to communication and let the conversation flow! But, where do you even start? What do you say past the general hello’s and how are you’s? This is where our questions series comes in to help. We have collected a series of questions that you can ask each other in order to kick off the conversation and open up the opportunity to make that meaningful connection.

We know that starting a conversation with someone new can sometimes be challenging, and even a little awkward.. So that is why each of our questions series starts off with a few icebreakers to warm you up. You can use any of these question sets during your calls to get the ball rolling.

Just remember, to truly create that meaningful connection, be open, be authentic, and be yourself.

  1. Before making this call, did you rehearse what you wanted to say?

  2. What are three things you have in common with your companion?

  3. What do you value most in a friendship?

  4. Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?

  5. What are three things that you want to accomplish before the end of this year?

  6. What is one personal problem that you could use some advice on right now?


Familiarity - the experiences, values, interests that you share with each other.

Self-disclosure - disclosing personal information, opening up and being vulnerable.

Reciprocity - when one person is vulnerable and self-discloses, the other person must reciprocate by also being vulnerable and self-disclosing. We have to be open and available to other people in order for them to be open and available to us.

Acceptance - by accepting the other person for who they are, you are supporting their sense of self and reaffirming their sense of personal worth.

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