• Uday Sharma

3 Productive things to do when isolating

It's day number 57, or at least it feels like it…. In all honesty, the introverted self within us must be loving this time however, the extroverted self has just about had it enough. We can all agree that life is pretty much giving us lemons 🍋. Let's not waste it and instead make some lemonade!

Taking this opportunity to be more productive, we have highlighted 3 activities that you can do to be more productive while isolating in our little safe havens. We have also listed their benefits and ways in which we can do them.

Let's start with something we quite often overlook, our mental health.

1: Meditation

Meditation, is a self-regulation strategy with the intent on being calm, increasing concentration and encouraging positive emotions of love and joy.

Scientific literature is full of studies showing that regular and sustained meditation can have a positive impact on reducing stress, improving focus and controlling anxiety.

Right now is a perfect time to start meditating, get started by simply:

  1. Finding comfortable seat

  2. Setting a time-limit

  3. Focusing on your breathing

  4. Being conscious and aware of your mind and your thoughts.

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2: Discover a new connection!

Dealing with mental health challenges is difficult under normal circumstances, let alone during Covid-19, but you don't have to do it alone. Find a companion, a person with a lived experience of a similar mental health challenge, during these isolating times.

Peer support has been shown to increase confidence and self esteem, foster hope and very importantly resilience.

You can get started easily by filling out the form, here!

3. Learn a language!

This is a great time to dust up the Rosetta stone! And learn a new language. There are roughly 6500 spoken languages in this world, We are sure there will be one ( or a few) that you will find interesting.

Learning a new language is an asset socially, economically and mentally. Socially, a second language enables you to connect to many different new individuals that you could have never talked to before. Economically, a second language is a very lucrative skill to have on your resume. Mentally, learning a second language keeps your sharp.

Below are a few easy steps to begin:

  1. Watch a movie in a different language

  2. Borrow a book from the library

  3. Learn essential words like toilet, food or house in a different language.

We hope that our recommendations above helps you stay productive while isolating.

Please remember whichever option you might choose, you don't have to do it alone. At any time, you can connect to a companion.

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Take care and Wash your hands

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