Combating social isolation

one connection at a time.

Our Vision

We facilitate purposeful connections providing hope, power and purpose in an era of decreasing social connections.

An experience of mental ill-health can significantly impact our social well-being with reduced social relationships
and increased social isolation. During these times, the best support we can find is from those who have been there before and have come through to the other side.

At Qonfr, we facilitate connections between people with mental health challenges and companions (traditionally called peer support workers) based on shared lived experiences. These connections are aimed to increase social cohesion and engagement, enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, and promote feelings of understanding, belonging, and continued quality of life.

Leveraging technology with shared experience and human to human connection,
we aim to combat social isolation and loneliness within the community by increasing opportunities for people to find strong social supports, to engage in positive social interactions and to make high quality social relationships.



Our Team

As a team, we are diverse in our knowledge, skills, cultures, languages, interests and experiences. By bringing together our unique ideas and perspectives, we focus on creating solutions that are inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds and applicable to humanity as a whole.

Pradeepthi V

Business Analyst/UI-UX Designer

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Responsible for process analysis and product design

Dana Wilson

Head of Research

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Responsible for execution of research projects and data analysis

Ravi Kiran

Product Manager

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Responsible for product development and analysis

Anamika Sharma


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Responsible for onboarding companions

Uday Sharma


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Responsible for implementation of strategies and partnerships


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